IT solutions design and implementation

From Digital Marketing to IoT projects

I am a Technology enthusiastic who loves learning new things, integrating diverse technologies and making seamless solutions.

Digital Marketing

Unique,professional and custom websites using latest technologies, Improve their SEO, making your presence in Social Media networks, and designing your online marketing campaign.

IoT projects

Design,Implementation or consultancy on M2M and IoT projects.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain aware development and consultancy, Cryptocurrency trading, Blockchain startups mentorship, etc.

Mentorship and Consultancy

Regarding IoT, Latest Programming languages and technologies,and IT entrepreneurship.

About me

I’m the guy who meditates before deciding, applies carefully made decisions, always follows the comprehensive and practical strategies, and never gets tired approaching the sensible and achievable goals, no matter how far they may be.

I started my career as an R&D member, which still I proudly know myself to be part of, since I believe in Socratic quote which says: “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”. Having non-stop learning attitude, I could quickly learn and fulfil fundamental needs to work in many IT-related fields such as to develop GIS-based applications and geospatial services, developing M2M solutions and last but not the least: IoT services and solutions. I’m enthusiastic for getting to know modern technologies, integrating them and creating solutions.

I’ve got knowledge about programming via .Net framework(C#,ASP.Net), C/C++,website design, various IoT platforms & technologies and related market opportunities.


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